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TouchCon Platform! QR Data code Cryptocurrency -

Touchcon ? Blockchain-based cryptocurrency for on-line to off-line advertising marketing
"The meeting of the QR Data Code and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the beginning of the era of cryptocurrency 3.0"

-"Advertising Marketing Mining Platform using QR Data Code" for the ecosystem building
-'TOC Mobile Application' for the ecosystem maintenance
-'Bitbigbang Exchange' for ecosystem stabilization

Now, the connection between cryptocurrency and the real world will be getting easy and its connectedness is even higher!

TouchCon Platform Based on Blockchain
  • Ad Mining CreationAd Marketing Creation
  • TOC M-AppTOC M-Application
  • D-TOC ExchangeBitbigbang Exchange

Ad Marketing Platform Touchcon platform that uses 3D QR data code for O2O advertisement marketing for the first time

  • Day

  • Hours

  • Minutes

  • Seconds

Join the pre-sale

TouchCon Platform Project?

TouchCon Project : 1. AMRP - Ad Mining Reword Program, 2. One-stop Service, 3. Cach Exchange
1QR Data Code Ad Marketing Platform
It is a platform to do re-mining TouchCon through O2O ad marketing, and it can solve the coin mining problem and global warming having to use the computer excessively.
2TOC Mobile Application
It is an application that supports TouchCon mined again through QR Data Code to use it in the real world.
* Payment - Transfer - Exchange - Ad Marketing
3Bitbigbang Exchange
For stabilizing the TouchCon ecosystem, we will establish an international cryptocurrency exchange and try to connect the network to expand it to the whole world.


QR Data Code AMP

QR Data Code AMP is harmonized with advertising and marketing with cryptocurrency.

Ad Marketing is a naturalistic remining method that aims to liberalism and egalitarianism without needing computers.
There are many problems in That is problems such as a meaningless waste of power energy, accelerating global warming, increased hacking of miners PCs, and hard fork problem, etc.

The QR Data Code AMP solves all of this and redefines the relationship between advertising, mining, and rewards in a nature-friendly way. It also provides a motivation for cryptocurrency to get closer to the real world.
QR Data Code AMP is the world's first pure analog remining and is the closest mining mechanism to the essence of all cryptocurrency.


TOC Mobile Application

It's an application that supports to enable TouchCon to be used in real money.

With TOC App, you can receive the real-time payment, transmission, exchange, and ad marketing as one-stop service anytime and anywhere.
You can use the one-stop service at any time by registering a user after downloading the TOC app.
One-Stop Service is referred to ①Payment ②Transfer ③Exchange ④Ad Marketing function, and this function will be playing an important role in building an ecosystem that can evolve the TouchCon into the fiat money.
TOC Mobile App is a core application to be able to realize P2P.

  • Payment

    You can pay with QR Data Code after purchasing goods or using various services, and will be able to pay it in connection with other cryptocurrencies in the long run.

  • Transfer

    You can send money anywhere in the world and users will increase due to a low fee.

  • Exchange

    It will be available for free trading and cash withdrawal through the Bitbigbang Exchange.

  • QR Data Code AMP

    Re-mining that can be mined through various advertising marketing using QR Data Code, and is oriented toward liberalism and equalitarianism.


Bitbigbang Exchange

The Bitbigbang Exchange will be deployed in 10 countries around the world and will be linked to a block-chain-based network.

The TouchCon Project builds the BitbigBang Exchange ( in ten countries and will be interworked as a network.
BitbigBang Exchange will be established for the first time in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is called as the big population country of Southeast Asian. The HTS-based BitbigBang Exchange will enable faster trading and exchange, and BitBigBang's 'automated trading system' is a program to optimize the cryptocurrency trading.
The HTS-based BitbigBang Exchange, which is now fused with the P2P concept, will make ecosystem of TouchCon maintain more secured.

New Cryptocurrency “TouchCon”
TGE Information

Since the birth of the Bitcoin Genesis block on January 3, 2009, the cryptocurrency market has continued to grow steadily over the past decade going through numerous adversity and rapid fluctuations. However, the mining market issuing coins has caused many problems due to excessive computer use and has faced resistance from regulatory of environmental organization all the countries of the world. To solve the problem of current computer mining at the same time and to create a more reliable ecosystem, we propose a new alternative that can revolutionize the current computer mining method.

Symbol TouchCon
  • Currency Name : TouchCon
  • Symbol : TOC
  • Value : Touchcon Eco-system Project
  • Blockchain : Ethereum Base Blockchain

TouchCon Project Value

  • Ecosystem building: Building TouchCon Remining Platform with advertising marketing in real-world using QR Data Code technology
  • Ecosystem maintenance: Building a mobile application so that you can use TouchCon anytime in the real world (payment/transfer/exchange/mining)
  • Ecosystem stabilization: Establishing Bitbigbang Exchange to exchange and sell TouchCon anywhere in the world

    (The TouchCon project can overcome the limitations of computer mining, thereby helping to escape from the pressures of environmental organizations and various laws and regulations in each country of the world, as well as contributing to the sound development of a cryptocurrency ecosystem.)

Project Technology

  • R&D on the realization of universalization of 3-dimensional TouchCon QR Data Code
  • Technological Implementation of QR Data Code for Advertising & Marketing Application
  • Electronic Implementation Method on projecting of QR Data Code advertising image
  • QR Data Code Hacking prevention technology and electronic implementation method of input information
  • Implementation method of QR Data Code Input and Transmission Technology of TouchCon and Blockchain
Token Distribution The TouchCon TGE Target : 30,000 ETH
Fund-raising goal : $15MLN

Exchange Rate : 1 ETH : 2,600 TOC(600 TOC, 30% Bonus Included)
Token Price : 0.0004 ETH

Touchcon symbol Touchcon symbol Touchcon symbol
Coin Name: TouchCon Symbol: TOC
Wait a minute! Let’s think about it!
  • Recently, Ethereum’s market capitalization has surpassed the $60 billion mark and reached $100 million in early 2018.
  • TouchCon AMRP is expected to receive $100 million in orders from global advertisers over the Next decade, making TouchCon Reward more than 7 percent annually.
graph TouchCon

The total issuance amount will be 840 million TOC

  1. 13% of TOC will be distributed to the TOC presale & TGE participants.

  2. 7% of TOC willl be kept for capital reserve.

    - 5% of pre-mined TOC will be kept for capital reserve. 5% Capital Reserves

    - 2% of pre-mined TOC will be kept by TOC foundation & Softtech Run Company for capital reserve. 1% TOC foundation & 1% Softtech Run Company

  3. 70% of TOC will be Airdrop for Ad marketing using QR Data Code

    - It will be kept in the multi-Sig escrow.

    - It will Airdrop 60 million TOC a year for advertising marketing purposes. It lasts 10 years.

  4. The remining 10% of TOC can be earned through equitable ‘PoW’ mining.

    - The first block reward will be 3,000 TOC.

    - Anyone can Mining TouchCon for 30 years.

graph TouchCon

Use of Proceeds

13% The Ethereum raised through presale & TGE will be used as below
  1. 6% of pre-mined TOC will be used to implement TOC technology.

    *3% Softtech Run Company & 1.5% Mission Blockchain & 1.5% Global TouchCon

  2. 3 % of pre-mined TOC will be used for global marketing, managing social media channels, advisors, and bounty programs.

    *3% Global Marketing

  3. 4% of pre-mined TOC will be used to create infrastructure, eco-system organisation. liquidity management and activation.

    *3% Strategic Partners & 1% Business Development

graph TouchCon
    70% Airdrop for Ad marketing using QR Data Code
  1. It will be kept in the multi-Sig escrow.
  2. It will air drop 60 million TOC a year for advertising marketing purposes.
    It lasts 10 years.

Token Sale Details

  • Start: 30 Apr, 2018 09:00 UTC
  • End: 31 May, 2018 09:00 UTC
  • Total quantity of TOC based on ETH/TOC Exchange rate.
  • ETH value to be fixed at start of sale.
  • Minimum Contribution : 0.1 ETH / Max : 50 ETH
  • Token : ERC20
  • Payment Method: ETH
Period Bonus Included Quota
The first week Presale 04.30 ~ 05.06 30%(600 TOC) 2600 TOC 15,000,000 TOC
The second week Presale 05.07 ~ 05.13 20%(400 TOC) 2400 TOC 15,000,000 TOC
The third week Presale 05.14 ~ 05.20 10%(200 TOC) 2200 TOC 10,000,000 TOC
The fourth week Presale 05.21 ~ 05.27 5%(100 TOC) 2100 TOC 10,000,000 TOC
TGE 05.29 ~ 05.31 0%(0 TOC) 2000 TOC 20,000,000 TOC

TouchCon Eco-system Project TGE Structure

  • 30%BONUS30 - 06
  • 15 million

    * 2600 TOC

  • 20%BONUS07 - 13
  • 15 million

    * 2400 TOC

  • 10%BONUS14 - 20
  • 10 million

    * 2200 TOC

  • 5%BONUS21 - 27
  • 10 million

    * 2100 TOC

  • 0%BONUS28 - 31
  • 20 million

    * 2000 TOC


TouchCon Eco-system Platform

The TouchCon ecosystem Project is a combination project to create, stabilize, and maintain a cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Creating the first cryptocurrency mining system using QR Data Code to complete the patent registration application!
To overcome the limitations of computer mining and to create a naturalist mining and ecosystem, the 3D QR Data Code was integrated with the O2O Ad market.
In the future loT-market, the Device-to-Device network connection will be dominated by the TouchCon QR Data Code.

  • How was TouchCon born?
  • What is QR Data Code Ad marketing

TouchCon Development Teams

  • Ph.D. Choi Chang-Myeung

    of South Korea

    CEO & Ad Developer

    Read more

    Choi Chang-Myeung holds a doctor’s degree in Business Administration from Kyunghee University, and now actively engaged in various activities in companies and universities as an Advertising Marketing Consultant and International Certified Management Consultant (ICMC). Recently, as the mobile advertising market expanded, he is applying advertising marketing techniques to block chain technology. He is now receiving attention from industry by applying the advertising marketing method using the QR code optimized for mobile advertising to the TBT block chain companies.
  • Dr. Razaq M. Chaudhry

    of U.S.A

    Development Engineer

    Read more

    Razaq received a doctor’s degree in Electrochemical Engineering from Southampton University in England. In 2000, he served as a CEO and a senior researcher at cMAX-2000 Inc and Analytical Industries Inc, Pomona, and Analytical Industries. He received attention from industry by participating in the technology part of TouchCon and writing 17 related technologies in the international scientific journal.
  • Jardy Niel SP. Cuezad

    of Philippines

    Development Engineer

    Read more

    Cuezad is a programmer majored in Science in Information Technology in Central Luzon State University, and also a professor in Luzon University. He is an expert on System Administration, Network Security and Firewalls, HTML, CSS, and PHP MySQL database language. He worked for Cisco Networking and is involved in developing QR Data Code.
  • Dr. Muhammad Arslan Shehzad

    of U.S.A

    Blockchain Engineer

    Read more

    In 2012, he was involved in software development in COMsats Information Technology Research Institute and Intel in United State of American. He is receiving attention from industry as an expert on synthesis technique of vsO Nanostructure applying VLS technique. He received a doctor’s degree in Electric Engineering from Sejong University in Korea.
  • Ph.D. Song Mu-Ho

    of South Korea

    Co-Founder & CMO

    Read more

    He is a Ph.D. in Business Administration, a management consultant, a franchise professional consultant, and a professional advertising marketer. He has wide knowledge about franchise distribution system and has participated in numerous company improvements marketing including Hightech Vission. He attracted attention as an expert in advertising marketing in corporations and universities, and he will participate in advertising marketing of TouchCon using QR Data Code.
  • Bi Jian Lian

    of China

    Development Engineer

    Read more

    He is a machine learning expert with computer applications majored in Computer Applications in Jilin University. He holds technology on computer animation, Minicomputer operating system and application, Computer foundation and FOETRAN77 program design. He has completed teaching assistantship course at Beijing Jiaotong University and has been a professor at Jiangsu University after teaching at Mau information service research in Japan. He will participate in building Touchcon Ad Marketing Platform.
  • Yuxin

    of China

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Read more

    Yuxin is an expert in robot control technology, cloud computing and image control and he is active in the Association for Computing Machinery and the IT field of the Governmental Commission. He will study QR Data Code information input and image information extraction technology as well as mobile optimized scan technology in TouchCon. He is a professor of computer science at Jangsu University in China, and an image control expert.
  • Choi So-Hyang

    of China

    Community Management

    Read more

    She is a communication expert majored in English at Science and Technology College of the Beijing Normal University in China. In 2002, she worked at Samsung Mpeon, becoming a distribution marketing expert with both theory and practice. She is a career woman who is fluent in three languages including English, French and Chinese. She has deep knowledge and insight in international trade and marketing.
  • Lee Jun Beom

    of Indonesia

    Co-Founder & CFO

    Read more

    He is an economic forecast and securities investment columnist. He has worked as an investment advisory expert at numerous securities firms including NH Investment & Securities and has been a senior manager of investment management at Dynamic Korea. In mid-2016, he anticipated the future of block chain and established the KCC Lab. He has been active in cryptocurrency ecosystems in Korea and Southeast Asia.
  • James Li

    of Indonesia

    Development Engineer

    Read more

    He is a computer programmer completed George Washington University PM and majoring in Business Administration in Sungkyunkwan University. He is an expert in SCJP, SOLARIS, CCNA, and ECL field, and received attention by participating in the comprehensive online program development at the IT Planning Department of the Korean Financial Industry. As an IT technology and program development expert, he has implemented various IT programs for the development of IT in Indonesia.
  • Ma Ji-Hyun

    of South Korea

    Development Webdesign

    Read more

    Ma Ji-hyun participated in the development of internet related software projects and she has specialized knowledge and skills in UX, UI and App & Web Design. She majored in Internet Information in university, and will express various images using QR Data Code in three dimensions in TouchCon Project.
  • Galih Pratama

    of Indonesia

    Development Engineer

    Read more

    Galih majored in Management in Stmik Bani Saleh University and a computer expert with specialized skills in computer hardware. He is attempting to fuse hardware and software to develop an efficient computer mining program. He will develop a mining program using the QR Data Code in the TouchCon Project.
  • Cho Kwang-Nam

    of South Korea

    Management manager

    Read more

    He has accumulated various experience and know-how in administration and management support work for SMS Company and many other advertisement marketing companies. He is a MOS Master and has rich internet operating experience in the online market. He also has accumulated systematic management support and distribution management skills. He majored in Management Informatics in university and is an expert in corporate management support and administration field.

    of South Korea

    Blockchain Development Company

    Read more

    CXX Company is an IT specializing company in Korea which has strengths in Blockchain-specific technologies, Mobile, IoT, System Integration SI, and Commerce, including the Web. Especially for IoT field, it operates its own “Blockchain Institute” in order to study the commercialization of blockchains. Through this, various research and development are being carried out for practical use of the blockchain technology. In TouchCon Project, it is developing various technologies including blockchain core development, QR data code input and data conversion technology.

TouchCon Advisors

  • M. Sooba Khan

    of Pakistan

    Strategic Advisor

    Read more

    M. Sooba Khan is a diplomat with a diverse and multidisciplinary experience in the Pakistan diplomatic office in the foreign country. Also, as a chairman of the Standing Committee on New Energy Investment, he is making various efforts for innovation and commercialization of the future energy. He pointed out that in the field of the 4th Industrial Revolution loT, the space-time management of each device will require energy with special storage space, and the decentralization technology of the blockchain will eventually become the source technology of all industries.
  • Lee Sung-Sik

    of South Korea

    Blockchain Advisor

    Read more

    Lee Sung-Sik is a Technology Transfer Agent in Korea and he is an IT professional bureaucrat who has served for thirty years for the advancement of IT technology. He has been working in the core IT field in Korea Information Society Development Institute and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology. As a director of Korea Association of BI Technology Commercialization and Korea Technology Transfer Agents Association, he is providing technical analysis of the initial StartUp companies and conducting various policy consultations for the development of IT field.
  • HANS

    of Indonesia

    Policy Advisor

    Read more

    In 2002, as the CEO of U-Save Marketing, a distribution company, he has attracted attention by developing various marketing models while performing advertising marketing work. In 2015, as we enter the digital age, he anticipated the future mobile advertising age. He is a practical marketing expert who created various distribution systems and applied them to the field. As the global corporation head of SINOPEX Global, he is leading the various future environment businesses.
  • Lee Jong-Gun

    of South Korea

    Legal Advisor

    Read more

    Lee Jong-Gun is a lawyer and receiving attention from industry with exceptional insights and knowledge supporting the future fourth industrial revolution. He is studying various legal limitations and regulations on the changing value of devices and the rights obligation to be applied in the AI and IoT era. He graduated from Chung-Ang University College of Law and currently a lawyer after working for Daeyang law firm.
  • Lee In-Sang

    of Indonesia

    Blockchain Advisor

    Read more

    Lee In-Sang is an autonomous driving and automotive engineering expert, majoring in Mechanical Engineering at both undergraduate and graduate school of Dankook University in Korea. He has been studying automotive engineering at university for 30 years. He has received lots of attention from academia in numerous papers related to automotive engineering research and has been working as a judge for scientific and technical government agencies including the Ministry of Defense. He is currently continuing various activities to spread the 4th industrial revolution in Indonesian academia.
  • David Kang

    of Canada

    Business Development Advisor

    Read more

    David majored in Electronic Engineering and he is a distribution expert who has been engaged in import and export trade in Ontario, Canada and has been engaged in various advertising marketing projects. He received lots of attention from local media as he made great success in his early VHS tape leasing franchise business. He is now leading distribution and marketing for Homelife Best choice realty in Canada.
  • Robert Kim

    of South Korea

    International Trade Advisor

    Read more

    Robert is a management specialist having 20 years of experience and know-how in overseas business. He graduated from Sogang University majoring in Business Administration and has accumulated experience in the trade team of Daewoo. In 2002, he established Taesan Corporation handling various products from all over the world, and its self-produced advertising products are exported to 10 countries around the world including Daiso. As a foreign trade expert, he continues his wide range of business activities.
  • KT. Jung

    of Japan

    Marketing Advisor

    Read more

    Jung is a management specialist who established pharmacy chains “Japan Drug” and Weekly Mansion “Picolohakata” in Japan O2O (On line to Off line). She has been attracting attention by establishing diverse business environments focused on distribution and trading, centering on Fukuoka, Japan. A condominium she planned, “Picolohakata,” has been successful through its unique operating method, and “Japan Drug”, which links the O2O market, is a model for the Japanese pharmacy industry through differential promotion and marketing.
  • Silvia

    of Indonesia

    Community Advisor

    Read more

    Silvia is a communication expert who works as a business communicator for various companies, including Jakoin Company, a distribution company. She has been involved in business consulting to support foreign companies' localization strategy in Indonesia. She will participate in global marketing of QR Data Code including global events of TouchCon project in the future.


2017. Q1~Q4

  • QR Data Code Ad Marketing Platform Launch
  • Multi-national Team & Advisors Configuration
  • Issuance of a Whitepaper
  • Bitbigbang Exchange Solution V1.0~V3.0

2018. Q1~Q2

  • QR Code Ad Marketing V1.0
  • Bitbigbang Exchange V4.0
  • TouchCon QR Code Technology Seminar
  • QR Code Ad agency contract(50 Company)
  • TouchCon TGE(Apr~May)
  • ERC20 Token Launch
  • TOC Wallet Site & Mining Program Site Build

2018. Q3~Q4

  • International Exchange Prepare for listing
  • TOC Mobile App V1.0~V2.0
  • QR Code Ad Marketing V2.0
  • Bitbigbang Exchange V5.0
  • TouchCon World MeetUp(Indonesia)
  • 2019' QR Code Ad Marketing Announcement

2019. Q1~Q2

  • TOC Mobile App V3.0 Demo
  • QR Code Ad Marketing MainNet
  • Bitbigbang Exchange V6.0
  • Bitbigbang Exchange Build Promotion
  • (Vietnam/Philippines/Japan)

2019. Q3~Q4

  • TOC Mobile App V4.0 Demo
  • QR Code Technology Development
  • Bitbigbang Exchange Build Promotion
  • (Pakistan/Australia/Malaysia)
  • 2020' QR Code Ad Marketing Announcement

2020. Q1~Q4

  • 3D QR Data Code is released
  • TOC Mobile App V5.0 MainNet
  • QR Data Code Ad Marketing On line Launch


If you have any questions about TouchCon QR Data Code Ad Marketing Platform, please feel free to contact us.
TouchCon will update the progress status of the project from time to time through github and its official Internet media.